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About Druskininkai

About Druskininkai

Druskininkai is the largest resort in Lithuania famous for its mineral water springs having unique healing properties and peat therapeutic mud.

The city surrounded by pine forest has a special atmosphere and is full of unique opportunities for those who love healthy recreation activities and fun.


Druskininkai is the oldest resort in Lithuania with deeply rooted traditions. Its name is associated with the word “salt” (druska – salt in Lithuanian). The springs containing water rich with mineral salts were found long time ago in the place where the city is located. The local people quickly pointed out their therapeutic properties.


The name of Druskininkai was first mentioned in the written sources, the Lithuanian Metrica, in 1596.

However, only almost after 200 years, i.e. in 1794 Druskininkai got the status of a health resort. It was done by the King of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Stanislaw August Poniatowski. When the rumours that the water from those magic springs in the woods helped to heal wounds quickly, soothed skin and joint diseases, reached the king, he instructed his doctor to examine the mineral water of Druskininkai.

However, Druskininkai became the real spa resort only in 1835 after the professor of Vilnius University Ignacus Fonbergas published the results of the tests its water.

In the 19th century Druskininkai, at the time being a part of the Russian Empire developed very quickly. There were built some spa bath heath centres, pump-rooms and laid a heath park. By that time the name of Druskininkai had already been known not only in Russia but also abroad.

After World War I, which stopped the development of the resort, Druskininkai became the province of Poland and started growing quickly again.

In the 20th century Druskininkai experienced many ups and downs. The resort bravely faced all the challenges of the changing life, learned all new market rules and established itself in the list of the world’s best resorts.

Druskininkai is also famous for its cultural heritage. Among the famous people who lived and worked here are brilliant artist and composer M.K.Čiurlionis, sculptor modernist Žakas Lipšicas, and author of a number of paintings Vytautas Kazimieras Jonynas.  

 Druskininkai today

Today Druskininkai is a modern international tourist resort which is visited annually by more than 200 thousand tourists from all over the world. They are welcomed by more than 24 thousand of citizens of Druskininkai Municipality.

The city of Druskininkai successfully combines its century old traditions with modern traditions – the sources of treatment created by the nature are harmoniously coupled with the most advanced methods.

The health-improving and recreational rest services are enriched here with a wide variety of different entertainment for visitors.

This is the only city in the region where the winter and summer activities may be combined all year round. In Druskininkai there is one of Europe's largest aquapark where summer never ends, whilst the other side of the river Nemunas an oasis of winter – the winter entertainment complex SNORAS Snow Arena is being created.

Skiing, which the visitors will be able to enjoy even on hot summer day, is a new entertainment of the resort for the guests of Druskininkai who choose healthy and active rest.


18 city hotels, 17 guest houses and 24 rural tourism farmsteads located around Druskininkai offer their services to those who arrive in Druskininkai in search of a rest and entertainment.

The accommodation services are also provided by 9 health spas operating in the city and the private sector.

Tourists may also stay at three camp sites which are located in Druskininkai and in its outskirts.

 How to reach

Druskininkai is the southernmost city in Lithuania, located near the border with Poland and Belarus. The distance from Druskininkai to the largest cities of Lithuania – Vilnius the capital and Kaunas is just around 130 kilometres.

The resort may be easily reached by car or coach from any part of  Lithuania. Coaches arrive in Druskininkai Coach Station not only from almost all cities of Lithuania, but from Hrodna (Belarus), Kaliningrad (Russia), and Warsaw (Poland).

 Druskininkai is waiting for you!

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