Play park for children


The DruFunPark play park is a place where children will discover a multitude of different activities and attractions in one place. The play area is intended for children between the ages of 3 and 12. A large (487.5 m2 area) and warm indoor park is decorated in a mountain style with several helicopters used for rescue work in the mountains and one bulldozer. The playful environment will naturally entice your child to have a fun, interesting and non-stop play time, while the rides will cast away any possibility of boredom. In the park children can discover a 5-metre-high Spidertower, the top of which can be reached by climbing ropes, sledge hills which can be descended like they were real mountains and a sleigh, a carousel, a trampoline, different ice-skating areas, and labyrinths with a multitude of mysterious and exciting toys. Children who prefer to play quietly can also enjoy themselves in a drawing area and have fun with the newest educational games. At DruFunPark we celebrate children’s birthdays together, and have fun during other children’s parties. Thus, while parents are skiing, children can be watched by childminders, while building new memories at a crazy play park.